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Our Great Grandfather when he saw our great grandmother at first he was not surprised instead he said a Poem “Bone of my Bones and flesh of my flesh


If you ought to love your neighbour as yourself, think the level of love one should show to their wife. Men take it for granted that their wife is shown perfect love on the contrary it is not. Belief without action does not have life.Women expects that her husband should be her friend and she will surely expect her to be called in nicknames.

Husbands love your wives, even as Christ was sacrificed for Believers. Appreciation is tonic to build-up her quality and you’ll be able to see the joy in her. Commendation stirs up the fire for love. Appreciate her sensible look, her works at home, and her creativity! Praise God for your partner and you’ll see a lot of virtuous qualities of her. Encouragement plants all good and waters the plant.

If you assist your partner and she will be your Crown in your house. If you want to have smooth life then spend more time with your spouse. The love plant which is green at the beginning of the marriage days may wither as a result of heat of home atmosphere. However, there is no end for love, so speaking heals wounds! Hence communications is very important.

Suspicion may be a Cancer which can eat away your health and happiness. Trust your spouse with cash, letters, secrets etc.. this will bring both to be closer Be an open book to each other as Christ was revealed to us.

Be happy together with your own partner, accept her as she is, with her look, intelligence, health, etc. Do not compare to your mother and increase the pressure. She will be the happiest person on earth when she realizes that you are with her in all situations. God calls your partner as your companion so call her with good names. If you are in ministry set an example to others spend quality time with her. You will be surprised to see that she will share your worries and burdens. A Born again couple should always travel together.


Born Again Marriage
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God created two unique being Man and Woman for each other. The best advice on Christian Marriage has been encrypted on Bible through Lord Jesus Christ. God not only created the phenomenal being but gave two books of instruction to go along with it-The DOCTRINE.

The Bible is the wonderful text book on interpersonal relationships and in his own image which means Man was created with the reputation, likeness and logic of God. God has a purpose for Marriage; It was God’s will to provide a perfect partner for man therefore he created a support to him”. Once Lord God brought the support to Adam, He said “She is one like me with bones from my bones and flesh from my flesh; she shall be referred to as “Woman” for she was taken out of me”. Adam was the first poet who described a woman!!!

When Adam saw His woman, he understood that in her was the answer to the inner craving of his personality. There is a need in Man that solely a girl can meet and vice versa.  God desires to make the heart of man and woman a garden for them, which can be possible through Marriage to dwell the procreation of Human kind and the mutual affection with one another. For this reason a person can leave his father and mother and be united to his mate which they will become one flesh.Beythel Matrimony

First couple, talked more to each other, communicated the feelings that they understood what was being aforesaid to them. They had wider range of formal subjects; they showed sensitivity to the feelings of other one. There is no doubt that the Heart of a Christian Marriage is its communication systems, which nothing but speaking, hearing and believing. Marriage is an exclusive union between two different personalities that acknowledged in public, for good sealed and physically fulfilled.


“Christ is the heart of the Born again family

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BEYTH-EL MATRIMONY is CHRIST centred match making website with listings of Christian Born Again Brides and Bridegrooms. Lord Jesus Christ’s perfect plan is to create Godly Family. It is He who holds the heart of Kings in his hands and turn his heart like rivers of water,

Christian Matrimony
Christian Matrimony
Will he not make your marriage a sanctuary of Heaven on Earth ?. Man – Woman – Jesus Christ cannot be broken quickly, therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. It is a very important decision in one’s life with whom you will marry.